Sorting Equipment

Improve the performance of your downstream and upstream equipment.

Our distribution conveyor systems make use of gates, as well as our gateless system for snacks and cereals, ensuring Cox & Plant distribution system can feed the worlds most advanced weighing systems. Distribution Lines move your produce to where it’s needed, when it’s needed.

This reduces both starvation and saturation on your line, while greatly improve the performance of the downstream and upstream equipment.

Even the simplest and most straightforward of production lines will likely need distribution conveyors. They’re vital for the smooth running of your packing line.

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A selection of our solutions

Metering Conveyors - Cox & Plant

Metering Conveyors

Metering conveyors create an even feed as well as spread of product. This will guarantee a sustainable input of product at the start of your production line, which will optimise each line operation.

Cross Head Feeders - Cox and Plant

Crosshead Feeders

Synchronising with multihead weighing systems, cross head feeders are used to constantly distribute products into weighing machines and other systems.

Evenfeed Conveyors - Cox & Plant

Evenfeed Conveyors

Evenfeed Conveyors are used to create a consistently even spread of products before they reach the next food processing stage.

Grading Conveyors - Cox & Plant

Grading Conveyors

Suitable for fines removal and slithers, broken, oversized, undersized, different fractions or otherwise unsatisfactory produce.

Lane Conveyor - Cox & Plant

Laning Conveyor

If your products won’t align on standard vibratory conveyors, lane conveyors might be just the innovation you need

Inspection Conveyors - Cox & Plant

Inspection Conveyor

With inspection conveyors, only the finest food products will remain. That means that only the best products will make it to the market.

Optical Sorter - Cox & Plant

Optical Sorter Infeed and Outfeed

The most critical element for any optical colour sorter is a metered mono-layer infeed, we can provide the full solution with reject conveyors and A grade salad product output.