Evenfeed Conveyors

Key benefits:

  • Sorts out your produce and removes unsatisfactory goods
  • Can be sorted by size & shape
  • Deliver consistency across your food products
  • Sort by multiple sizes of the same product
  • Automate your food sorting process
  • Achieve a rigorous standard of quality control

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Evenfeed Conveyors

Evenfeed conveyors increase the quality of your products while significantly reducing the amount of waste produced by your processes

Evenfeed conveyors are used to create a consistently even spread of products before they reach the next processing equipment, be it dryers, freezers, coolers or coating systems.

When your products are evenly spread, everything receives exactly the same treatment. So, if you need to add glaze, add flavouring, the evenfeed conveyor will ensure that every product receives an equal amount. In this way, evenfeed conveyors allow you to consistently deliver a higher quality product to the market. If you are freezing the product, this uses minimum energy to achieve the results required and ensures consistent quality.

A constant and steady flow

But there are other benefits to having an even spread of products across your production line. First, it results in a constant and steady flow. This will eliminate both blockages and starvation, boosting the overall efficiency of your processes.

Second, when your products are evenly spread, it’s much easier for your quality assurance team to do their job. Any unsatisfactory produce will be easy to spot and remove.

A comprehensive solution

We provide so much more than conveyor equipment. What we offer is a comprehensive solution that’s guaranteed to make your business better.

Our expert engineers can design a customised solution for any situation. Just tell us what we need and we’ll show you what we can do.

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