Inspection Conveyors

Key benefits

  • Evenly spreads your products ready for the quality control team
  • The energy-efficient design helps optimise yield; recovery and reduce waste.
  • Dispose of unsatisfactory produce using the reject trays and discharge chutes
  • Ideal for industries where quality is not so easily quantified e.g. bruised apples or discoloured tobacco
  • Used with your factory operatives
  • Our inspection tables and conveyors keep a constant flow of product
  • Our machinery can help you to achieve the product safety standards that the FSA and USDA require

In a world of increased expectation of food products to be high quality, ever more stringent safety assurances and ever-increasing high standards, there is a need for the growth of accurate, fast, and objective quality determination of food products. In today’s marketplace, you can not supply spoiled produce as this would severely impact your company’s brand and ultimately the bottom line.

Despite the advance in laser technology sometimes nothing compares to the human touch manually sorting through the food stream along the vibro conveyor, ensuring that only high quality produce reached the stores. As produce volume continues to grow, this becomes no longer feasible due to accuracy and cost issues. For this reason, no faulty product can be left in the product flow and the operator must remove all defects as well as foreign bodies of any kind.

The Cox & Plant vibratory inspection conveyor takes Quality Assurance [QA] to another level, ensuring an even monolayer, with steps to gently turn the product to ensure all defects are identified by the food operative. To be successful, they must continually analyse the food sorting and inspection processes.

The defective product reject lanes are an integral part of the C&P design ensuring that both A grade and reject move at the same line speed. The difference is that any products that fails to meet the specification standards are manually removed by the operators, without the need to turn then look away whilst they dispose of the reject in a receptacle/bin. The reject channels on either side of the conveyor lead to discharge chutes into the receptacle.

To gain the fastest ROI for the vibratory inspection conveyor is from virtually eliminating the costs/fines associated with the return of defective products.  Increased volume of produce conveying along the vibrator allows regulated throughputs, essential in the costly labour market. In addition, all the time reducing defects reaching the market and damaging your brand reputation.

We all appreciate the repetitive nature of this job role, for that reason, we have designed our conveyors with your operatives in mind.

  • Overhead lighting including ultraviolet lights
  • Comfort rails either for arms or knees to allow operators to lean against, no transmission of vibration is transferred preventing any white finger claims.
  • Repetitive strain claims are eradicated by the inclusion of vibration from the tray to the operators by the installation of an adjustable lane divider if one operative has to temporarily leave the line e.g., comfort break
  • As the perfect height to inspect is 1,000mm high we have options to suit any height of operative i.e., one person 6 foot 4 inches and the other 5 foot 1 inch. We can introduce an operative working height platform that can be wheeled in situ and secured on braked locked stainless steel castors
  • Hygienic design
  • Available in length, widths & screen configurations to suit customer requirements
  • We have a range of variable speeds to accommodate the flow rate
  • Our unique variable speed drive control panels are industry-leading
  • The risk of damage to your product, caused by conveying, is minimised
  • Range of contact surfaces and materials available
  • Fines removal and grading can be incorporated into the inspection conveyor
  • Alternative drive configuration to suit the application with easy clean access designed as standard
  • Full stainless-steel construction
  • Finish of contact surfaces: smooth/natural finish/bead blasted/rigidised/dimple plate or electropolished
  • Dimensions up to 6m long and 2.5m wide and can be connected
  • Designed and developed to be modular, clients can customise exactly what they need from our stable of products which are designed and manufactured in the West Midlands
  • Electromagnetically Driven – Cox & Plant unique coils manufactured inhouse
  • The Cox & Plant customer ethos means that grading, sizing and separating machine is tailored to a customer’s specific requirements. All machines are built to order and entirely manufactured in the Black Country in the heart of the industrial midlands, UK to suit your precise requirements
  • Our conveyors exactly utilise gentle horizontal handling and conveying of delicate food products
  • The traditional mechanical brute force shaker can cause unnecessary damage to the food stream and your bottom line profit margin. We specialise in gentle and precise product conveying, for us dosing is the magic word
  • We design and build in all shapes and to feed the rest of the line of process and packing lines
  • Custom designed to suit customer product requirements
  • Stainless steel construction, fully welded to the highest standards and can be built in a range of different surfaces 
  • Low maintenance ensures low cost of ownership
  • Industry standard proven control system
  • Low energy use for improved environmental efficiency
  • Robust construction to stand up to busy manufacturing environments
  • Cost effective
  • Our machinery is industry proven, reputation is everything, with the best materials, the highest hygienic standards, rules and regulations
  • Rapid and frequent stop/start capabilities
  • Allows your produce to arrive at the right time and in the exact quantity

With the vibratory QA Inspection Conveyor becoming an integral part of the line enabling your packaging and transport services to become more streamlined and get fresher, high-quality food to your customer base. Time after time you are guaranteed repeated high quality which in turn yields high demand and customer satisfaction.

Ease of use and reliability comes as standard with Cox & Plants World-class SMART technology. Low operating and maintenance costs are what sets the business at the front of the game-changing market leaders. Our aim is to improve our customer returns, operational efficiency and food safety through the installation of our well thought out line methodology to ensure that sophistication and innovative software technologies are user friendly with almost 100% uptime built-in guaranteed.

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