Laning & Alignment Conveyor

Key Benefits

  • Orders your food produce into ordered rows
  • Can be used to align your products
  • Built-in a range of contact surfaces
  • Makes packing easier
  • You can move huge amounts of produce with ease
  • Prevents blockages which may result in a high amount of wastage
  • Can be manufactured to any width and length to meet your specific needs
  • Easy to clean and hygiene
  • Our machinery can help you to achieve the product safety standards that the FSA and USDA require

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Perfect Alignment/Laning System - Cox & Plant
  • Aligns products into a uniformed formation
  • Easy to hygiene with our smart clean engineered design
  • Several options for the laning dependant on whether the product is frozen or fresh and it’s handling characteristics.
  • We can align a variety of products including fish fingers, sausages, bread batons, confectionary and vegetables
  • Options to include stages of descrambling, aligning and laning
  • Elevate the issues of peaks and troughs across the production line
  • Customised options can be included e.g. fines removal and grading out of imperfect sizes
  • Can also be built to create spaces and gaps between product
  • Our system can even be accommodated if floor space is an issue at 90° angles.
  • All our systems are supplied with our unique Cox and Plant software and coil drives
  • Manufactured in-house to IP69 standards
  • Allows for precise control of your processes
  • Available in length, widths & screen configurations to suit customer requirements
  • Quiet in operation – electromagnetic low noise/energy requirement and long lifespan
  • Various control options available
  • All of our systems can integrate with other equipment
  • Full recovery systems can be incorporated
  • Electromagnetically Driven – Cox & Plant unique coils manufactured inhouse
  • Reduce operatives
  • Capacity: depending on product and width
  • Finish of contact surfaces: smooth/natural finish/bead blasted/rigidised/dimple plate or electro polished
  • The Cox & Plant customer ethos means that grading, sizing and separating machine is tailored to a customer’s specific requirements. All machines are built to order and entirely manufactured in the Black Country in the heart of the industrial midlands, UK to suit your precise requirements
  • Our conveyors exactly utilise gentle horizontal handling and conveying of delicate food products
  • The traditional mechanical brute force shaker can cause unnecessary damage to the food stream and your bottom line profit margin. We specialise in gentle and precise product conveying, for us dosing is the magic word
  • We design and build in all shapes and to feed the rest of the line of process and packing lines
  • Custom designed to suit customer product requirements
  • Stainless steel construction, fully welded to the highest standards and can be built in a range of different surfaces 
  • Low maintenance ensures low cost of ownership
  • Industry standard proven control system
  • Low energy use for improved environmental efficiency
  • Robust construction to stand up to busy manufacturing environments
  • Cost effective
  • Our machinery is industry proven, reputation is everything, with the best materials, the highest hygienic standards, rules and regulations
  • Rapid and frequent stop/start capabilities
  • Allows your produce to arrive at the right time and in the exact quantity

Streamline your processes and boost ROI

If your products won’t behave themselves on standard vibratory conveyors, lane conveyors might be just the innovation you need to streamline your processes and boost your efficacy.

Certain products are tricky to process and package. For example, fish fingers and sausages. When products are an unusual or irregular shape, it’s not uncommon to see blockages and an uncomfortably high amount of wastage on production lines.

We considered this problem and devised the perfect solution – lane conveyors.

An efficient streamlined line

Lane conveyors effectively sort your difficult products into a number of neat lanes. This just makes everything easier: you can shift huge amounts of food produce with no blockages, and packaging becomes more efficient and streamlined.

We’ve installed lane conveyors as part of larger innovative conveyor systems for businesses in a range of industries, including:

  • Cereal bars
  • French Fries
  • Confectionery
  • Sausages
  • Fish & Meat Fingers
  • Fruit & Vegetables

Much more than conveyor equipment

We provide so much more than conveyor equipment. What we’re offering is a comprehensive solution that’s guaranteed to make your business better.

Our expert engineers can design a bespoke solution for any situation. Just tell us what we need and we’ll show you what we can do.

For more information about our lane conveyors, or to request a quote for your business, call us now on +44 (0)1384 895 121.

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