Metering Conveyors

Key benefits:

  • Ideal when you need to control the input
  • Vastly improve the efficiency of your downstream equipment
  • Create an even spread of produce

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Sometimes a finer touch is required

Sometimes it just won’t do to simply move your produce in bulk from one place to another.

Whether it’s for quality control purposes, or to make it possible to later process the produce by hand, sometimes a finer touch is required.

That’s where metering conveyors come in.

Improve the efficiency of your equipment

Metering conveyors create an even feed as well as spread of product. This will guarantee a sustainable input of product across your production line, which will vastly improve the efficiency of your downstream equipment.

When the flow of your produce is carefully controlled, you can expect higher yields with less downtime with the added benefit of this being ideal for quality assurance purpsoes.

We’ve installed metering conveyors as part of innovative conveyor systems for businesses in a range of industries, including:

Our expert engineers can design a bespoke solution for any situation. Just tell us what we need and we’ll show you what we can do.

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