Metering Conveyors

Key benefits:

  • Ideal when you need to control the product input
  • Vastly improve the efficiency of your downstream equipment
  • Create an even spread of product which prevents peak and troughs giving control over your feeding rates
  • Easy to hygiene
  • Low cost of ownership and low energy use
  • Variable speed & soft start options
  • Local, manual and remote settings
  • Standard and customised sizes available
  • Over 1000 conveyors in operations across the market
  • Our machinery can help you to achieve the product safety standards that the FSA and USDA require

Our durable metering systems regulate food streams, particularly at the crucial start of the line. Our metering systems can consist of multiple conveyors operating at different speeds to allow for the ultimate in line management and flexibility. The beauty of this controllability of conveying in motion is:

  • Ultra-Low energy requirement always an environmental winner
  • Regulated velocity of produce between the different processing stages
  • Metered merger points, even at high speeds
  • Control sorter induction points
  • Unique control system, we do not sell to any other OEM’s.
  • Separate items to give a strong metered delivery of products
  • Manage spacing for weighment sampling.
  • Each conveyor has its own independent drive control for variable speed adjustments
  • Downstream processes now have optimum feed control
  • Even spread of product flow increases line efficiently
  • Production food stream flow now completely optimized
  • Essential quantity of ingredient for accurate product mixes
  • Bulk materials conveyed to suit your required speed and volume
  • Conveys a range of free-flowing products, providing even spread to interfacing equipment
  • Hygienic design
  • Quiet in operation
  • Low maintenance ensures low cost of ownership
  • Industry standard proven control system
  • Low energy use for improved environmental efficiency
  • Preferred industry solution

Another benefit of this equipment is design and product size flexibility. Our systems can be configured as a multiple laned system, by the use of indexing vibro’s set out in an orderly layout for effective down-stream merging essential for mixing line ingredients. See our world class mixing solutions of which over 350 are installed around the world.

As with any of the Cox & Plant family of machinery you customise your purchase to your precise. Including but not limited to:

  • Guide rails
  • Emergency stops
  • Mobile options – on stainless steel braked castors for ease of movement
  • Photo Electric Sensor for product detection
  • Width: 300mm – 1600mm
  • Length: 1500mm – 6000mm
  • Electromagnetically Driven – Cox & Plant unique coils manufactured inhouse
  • Capacity: depending on product and width
  • Finish of contact surfaces: smooth/natural finish/bead blasted/rigidised/dimple plate or electro polished
  • Material: RVS 304/316
  • The Cox & Plant customer ethos means that grading, sizing and separating machine is tailored to a customer’s specific requirements. All machines are built to order and entirely manufactured in the Black Country in the heart of the industrial midlands, UK to suit your precise requirements
  • Our conveyors exactly utilise gentle horizontal handling and conveying of delicate food products
  • The traditional mechanical brute force shaker can cause unnecessary damage to the food stream and your bottom line profit margin. We specialise in gentle and precise product conveying, for us dosing is the magic word
  • We design and build in all shapes and to feed the rest of the line of process and packing lines
  • Custom designed to suit customer product requirements
  • Stainless steel construction, fully welded to the highest standards and can be built in a range of different surfaces 
  • Low maintenance ensures low cost of ownership
  • Industry standard proven control system
  • Low energy use for improved environmental efficiency
  • Robust construction to stand up to busy manufacturing environments
  • Cost effective
  • Our machinery is industry proven, reputation is everything, with the best materials, the highest hygienic standards, rules and regulations
  • Rapid and frequent stop/start capabilities
  • Allows your produce to arrive at the right time and in the exact quantity

Our Vibratory Metering Conveyors

Whether it’s for quality control purposes, or to uniform the product flow for the next processing stage vibratory metering conveyors provide an answer.

The unit is effectively a queuing conveyor prior to additional processes where accumulation or separation is required. Our designs are ideally suited to today’s food production environment with a high number of stop-starts. Whilst there are standard sizes available it is sufficiently flexible to accommodate variation in conveyor bed width, belt type, sidewall height, overall length, and conveying speed. The conveyor inertia is kept to a minimum to reduce braking forces during stop/starting preventing surges and product damage

Improve the efficiency of your equipment

Metering conveyors create an even feed as well as the spread of the product. This will guarantee a sustainable input of product across your production line, which will vastly improve the efficiency of your downstream equipment.

When the flow of your produce is carefully controlled, you can expect higher yields with less downtime with the added benefit of this being ideal for quality assurance.

So why would you want to work with a new supplier ?

This is our offering; we rarely lose a customer. Our speciality is in the development of advanced conveying systems that have application in a broad range of sectors in the food industry. With our digital platforms, services you benefit from best ROI [Return on Investment], with low cost lifetime performance ratio as well as the best product handling in the industry.

Our dynamic enthusiastic team offer

  • Key Account Management
  • Comprehensive industry knowledge.
  • User-friendly digital platform.
  • Personal customer facing support.
  • Dedicated project manager for every order
  • Every design is engineered for maximum dependability and versatility.

We’ve installed metering conveyors as part of innovative conveyor systems for businesses in a range of industries, including:

Our expert engineers can design a bespoke solution for any situation. Just tell us what we need and we’ll show you what we can do.

Metering Conveyor FaQs

What is a metering conveyor?

A metering conveyor is the essential start of a line, that delivers a uniformed flow of product on a need to have basis which is automatically regulated to mirror the requirements of the line and further processing equipment. Without using a metring conveyor your line will suffer from feast and famine and will not have a constant flow of product. Using these at the start of your line will vastly improve your production line efficiency and productivity.

Why do you use a metering conveyor?

When you need a controlled regulated feed of product which is often used under a big bag discharge system, lift and tip hopper, cluster busters or any other start of line input equipment.

What is a metering screw conveyor?

This is used to discharge seasoning from a flavouring / seasoning reservoir that’s then added to the snack product stream in the tumble / mixing drum. You can find out more about our flavour systems here.

How are vibratory metering conveyors better than a metering belt conveyor?

Hygiene is far superior on stainless steel, where as a belt could be scuffed on the first production run and will need to be replaced periodically. Using variable speed drives you can increase and decrease the speed using logic as the line flow dictates.

Unique a control system that can be incorporated into a PLC following a 0-10volt or 4-20 m.a. signal, it can also be a stand along unit or even be controlled by other equipment downstream, the options are extensive and are tailored to your exact needs.

What products are suitable for metering conveyors?

Anything solid [non-liquid] or frozen produce are suitable. We have a range of different contact surfaces which we can build the conveyors with, dependant on your product characteristics.

For more information about our metering conveyors, or to request a quote for your business, call us now on +44 (0)1384 895 121.

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