Storage Equipment

Different production lines have different storage requirements. That’s why no two of our storage solutions are ever the same.

Whether you need a hopper, a silo, an advanced intergrated storeveyor system, or an elaborate bulk storage system, we can design a bespoke solution to suit your specific requirements.

Size isn’t a problem – we’ll build it as big as you need it. And if you have any specific storage requirements – be it temperature, location, or otherwise – just let us know!

If you’re not sure which machinery is right for you, you can view our full product range

A selection of our solutions

Single & Double Column Tippers - Cox & Plant

Single & Double Column Tippers

Our tippers move products with minimal physical involvement and as only one bin is used it can be washed at the end of each process.

Bulk Bag Infeed - Cox & Plant

Bulk Bag Infeed

Suitable all types of storage requirements such as IBC, Tay bag, static hopper or silo. With our high-powered metering conveyor throughputs can range from 100kgs to 10 tonnes an hour.

Storeveyors - Cox & Plant


A combination of a conveyor and a storage system. Customised to be all belt conveyors, all vibratory conveyors or a combination of both.

Bulk Storage System - Cox & Plant

Bulk Storage Systems

We can design and build bulk storage systems to suit your every need whether its size, needs to have a cooling requirement or your produce needs to be kept dry.

Hoppers - Cox & Plant

Hoppers, Buffers and Storage Vessels

We specialise in customised silos to meet your every fresh cut storage need and have designed and installed high quality food storage hoppers for hundreds of companies and industries across the globe.

Silo - Cox & Plant


We specialise in customised silos to meet your every storage need & have designed & installed high quality food silos for hundreds of companies & industries