Single & Double Column Tippers

Key benefits

  • For use on Tote bins and stainless steel eurobins, plastic eurobins and tanks
  • Specifically designed for food production and the pharmaceutical industry
  • Constructed from grade 304 stainless steel
  • IP65 standard
  • Easy to hygiene
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Customised column heights to suit your factory

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Bulk Handling Tippers

Bulk handling in the food processing industry can be a very labour-intensive process which can affect the productivity of your production line, this is where double or single column lifters can benefit your return on investment.

Eurobin Single Column Tipper

Our single column tipper for tote bins have been specifically designed for food production and the pharmaceutical industry. The lifter is constructed from grade 304 stainless steel to IP65 standards, so they are easy to hygiene and have a low cost of ownership. Our tippers hold a variety of standard sizes and designs for example 200 litre, 300 litre, 400 litre stainless steel or polypropylene tote bins but we can also accommodate non-standard container types. Customised advanced tipping action options can be added which will prevent your product from sticking in the drum.

Our customers can specify column heights to suit their factory which will discharge at any height and a chute can be included to elevate spillage. We recommend that above a tip height of 2500mm, the machine should be bolted to the floor and braced near the top. To make the most of your factory space we can accommodate both straight sided trucks (large internal capacity) or tapered mobile trucks (can be stacked to optimise space) and we can integrate lifting sleeves or forklift pockets.

As safety is incredibly important to us, we have a range of safety features including:

  • Anti-fail chain break mechanism
  • Mechanical drum retention
  • Mechanical container retention

These are all designed to maximise the safety of your staff. We can also incorporate a variety of guarding options from full guarding to skeletal guarding based on your specification. Our single column tippers have push button and remote-control start options as well as low voltage and flameproof alternatives.


Safe Working Load 350 Kgs
Tipping Angle Up to 180 degrees
Tipping Options Roller or curve
Tipping Operation Manual or powered tipping
Machine Handing Left or right hand
Containers Pallets, plastic drums, fibre & steel. Eurobins, tote bins and tanks
Base Options Nylon or steel castors
Fixing Portable or bolted down
Processing Primary and secondary
Electric Rating IP65
Finish Grade 304 to 316L stainless steel
Power Pneumatically or electrically powered

Wheelie Bin Single Column Tipper

The single column tipper specification above can be designed to hold wheelie bins. This tipper is ideal for the recycling, hygiene and waste industries.


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