We have a range of professional services which we can offer to you.

Services at Cox and Plant - Service Plan

Service Plan

The Cox & Plant Protection package enables you to choose the best fit for your organisation.

Cox and Plant Services - Spares


Keeping stock of Cox & Plant conveyor spares keeps your production line running efficiently.

Services at Cox and Plant - 3D Design and Modelling

3D Design Modelling Service

We can produce 3D modelling for your new food production line.

Services at Cox and Plant - Installations and Commissioning

Installation and Commissioning

An investment in the conveyors reliability and uptime.

Cox and Plant Services - Efficiency & Feasibility Studies

Efficiency & Feasibility Studies

We specialise in completing efficiency studies for your line.

Cox and Plant Services - Factory Surveys

Factory Surveys

We can survey your existing factory set up and suggest how we could improve your existing line.