Research & Development

Here at Cox and Plant, we like a challenge and we believe in investing time into research and development so we can provide the most efficient & innovative products to market. As our trials area and manufacturing centre are on the same premise, this gives us a unique opportunity to be able to bring your R&D ideas to life and test them for you.

Improvement is the main tool for ensuring the company’s sustainability, effectiveness, and competitiveness. Our R&D strengths are focused around reducing costs, reducing product giveaway, optimising operating conditions, improving safety, and reducing our environmental impact.

Providing faster ROI

We are always trying to provide your business with quick payback on the machinery outlay. Typically this is with 12 months but we are looking to bring this average down by making your lines more efficient and less wasteful.

Quicker and more effective cleaning

We know that when your line is stopped for hygiene purposes this can equate in a large amount of lost revenue and wasted product. We are always looking to engineer our conveyors to have fewer edges, have IP69  rated control panels, and be easy to access.

Contact surfaces

One of the biggest issues that people come to us with, is which surface will convey their products most effectively and evenly. Because of this, we have worked with various clients to produce a range of different surfaces which are all designed for certain product types e.g. wet lettuce, watercress, raw meat and poultry, sugar, and sticky substances.


We are always looking at ways to reduce the energy usage of all our machinery (currently only 1.488 Kw) and to make sure that 99% of our conveyors can be recycled. We understand the importance of saving energy and resources and we consider the environmental impact across all aspects of the company.


We work in new technologies that are aimed at the operation and maintenance of food production lines. We look for solutions to help feed your robotics, as well as upgrading our conveyor designs with sensors and software.

If you have an R&D project that you would like us to take a look at, then please contact our projects team