Feeding Multihead Weighers

In our experience optimising the feed to a multihead weigher can lead to the fastest return on investment in the industries we work in. 12-16 weeks is the typical amount of time but we have achieved ROI in only 19 days.

Offline Mixing Systems

The beauty of this solution is your main packing lines can continue to run whilst a batch mixing operation continues offline. That allows stock to be built up for short run SKUs which have been premixed saving time and energy and can be decanted straight into a repacking line. It also allows packing on the more basic CCW multihead weighers and with accuracies as tight as +/- 1% been achieved by our clients. It is the ideal solution to remove short runs.

distribution systems

Distribution Systems

The overall objective is to ensure that products is inflight and feeds all of the weighers on demand with product that they require. The principle is simple in that it operates like a smart traffic light system keeping product moving with no spillage and all weighers satisfied with products to maximise line throughput.

Food Processing Storage Solutions.

Food Processing Storage Solutions

We have the ability to create the perfect storage solution for your food production line. We appreciate peaks and troughs are a normal part of food manufacturing, but our systems are specially designed to counteract this issue by removing bottle necks.

Freezer Infeed and Outfeed

For the infeed into the freezer we can supply a 2-stage solution utilizing a vibratory unloading conveyor with a scarfed discharge and a vibratory inspection conveyor orientated at 90 degrees which then feeds into the freezer. This is our optimum solution for feeding products into spiral freezers and is proven to deliver return on investment typically with 8 – 16 weeks.

Fryer Infeed Systems

By utilising a vibratory conveyor in a continuous frying set-up, it is essential that metered product is delivered to the fryer to have the ultimate balance of in and out and an accurate fry time. This is less essential in batch frying, however, to optimise efficiency a vibratory conveyor can deliver a regulated batch for the 3/4-minute fry cycle.


Food Grading, Sizing and Collaborating Conveyors

Our grading conveyors enable you to deliver a consistently excellent product to the market without ever having to interrupt the flow of your production line by delivering the exact size fractions your customers specify.

Seasoning Systems – Gravimetric

Seasoning Systems – Gravimetric

The general principle of a Loss in Weight feed system is to accurately weigh and control the output of variable products either, continuously or as a batch.

Flavouring System - Dry Ingedients

Seasoning Systems – Volumetric

Our flavour systems & tumble drum guarantee consistency across your entire product range, resulting in improved brand loyalty and a more superior product.