Video Gallery

Chicken Nuggets Using a Spiral Elevator

You can see how frozen chicken nuggets easily move onto another level with our spiral elevator, which has a small footprint and it does not comprise the quality of the product

Cluster Buster – Processing frozen blocks and clusters to IQF (individually quick-frozen) produce

Middle East Cluster Buster for 14 different frozen vegetables to return them from frozen blocks and clusters to IQF (individually quick-frozen) produce

Moving Salad on Vibratory Conveyors

We can move most products on our vibratory conveyors, here we have lettuce leaves which are difficult to process on belt conveyors

Separating Frozen Chicken Blocks 

This multi-purpose, fully adjustable impact equipment is a high powered cluster buster for separating frozen chicken blocks of comprising of breasts, thighs, wings, and legs. This was completed during testing stages before it went to the clients location

Sweetcorn Laning and Alignment Conveyor

We can align various different products ready for the next process stage

Grading Mushrooms 

Using our grading conveyors we can grade different sized mushrooms. We can set the aperture size to your exact requirements and we can grade up to 3 different sizes on one conveyor through the use of decks

PPMA Show Day 2019

We were exhibiting at PPMA Total this year with some of our food conveying equipment on display

Grading Conveyor

In this video we show you how grading conveyors work. They will remove any unsatisfactory products from fines and slithers through to larger produce as the apertures can be customised to meet your requirements. They can also be built on a triple deck inline conveyor to minimise any production line disruption

Conveying Chicken Pieces

See how we can convey bulky chicken pieces using our unique vibratory conveyor system and how our synchronisation system can accurately feed CCW multihead weighers.

Frozen Seafood Processing from Cox & Plant

We can supply full turnkey solutions for your food production line. Here we see frozen prawns going through multiple processing stages which includes laning conveyors, metering conveyors, crosshead feeders, incline conveyors, glazing conveyors and high-speed lifters

Preservation of frozen food via a glazing conveyor

Salad products are typically very hard to handle requiring powerful linear motion to ensure the product is kept live in order to effectively convey. We offer a range of solutions for the whole spectrum of salad leaf.

7 component repacking lines for 4 & 3 mix feeds to Multihead weigher

Repack lines allow full flexibility from processing lines, you the client pack your product on demand on a JIT [just in time] production schedule. Each line can be customised to suit your factories needs by adding Quality control inspection tables, glazing, metering, bunker / hopper / bulk storage.

Transfer conveyor for feeding multi directional food streams

At Cox & Plant we understand your space restrictions, the transfer conveyor is ideal for feeding multi directional food stream

ATEX 35 conveyor processing sugar

Metering conveyor with 250 litre storage hopper to ensure the product is broken up from a mass volume to allow for onward processing prior to packaging. These conveyors can be supplied Atex certified as required.

Multihead Weigher fed by Vibratory Conveyor 

Multihead weigher installed in a factory being fed by cox and plant vibratory conveyors, fully wash down friendly. Conveying frozen mixed veg.

Vibratory Conveyors Feeding Multihead Weigher

Typical Cox & Plant electromagnetic vibratory conveyors feeding multiple Ishida Multihead Weighers.

Infeed system to the bunker distribution system for mixing line

10 tonne per hour (TPH) Infeed system to the bunker distribution system for mixing line. As each storage hopper requires to be replenished with product the system calls for product, the quadrant gate opens and that hopper is then filled to satisfy the demands of the system. Whilst this system is simple to operate it is also foolproof, to ensure the menu mix accuracies are maintained at all times.

Mixing Drum – ensure a visual mix of the accurately metered products.

Mixing drums are ideal to ensure a visual mix of the accurately metered products and have a final tumble prior to packaging.

Incline Conveyor Multihead Feeder

Vibratory conveyor transporting salad at an incline of 10 degrees, conveyor is running at 5mm

Lift and Tip Units

Bulk tipper being put through quality control, this machine will be stripped down for transport and reassembled at the customers factory.

Food Processing Incline Conveyor at 18˚ 

Incline conveyors can be designed up to a maximum of 20 degrees, but this is strictly product dependant and subject to product trails at our facilities.

Glazing, Grading, Laning Conveyors

Frozen raspberries are evenly distributed before being graded, fine removal of loose particles, removal of snow and ice, then the raspberries are glazed with a 5% water addition before finally being laned prior to weighment to the punnet feeding system.

Fresh Poultry Handling

200 litre dolley tipper discharging fresh poultry for trials on serrated edge conveying surface which ensures efficient handling of products that previously had to be transported via a belt conveyor.

Gentle Ice Cube Handler

Gentle action, zero damage trials conveying Ice cubes for major supermarket contract packers. Our experience includes, full distribution systems to handle the ice cubes from the forming machine through to packing. Throughput of up to 20 tonnes per hour (TPH) can be accommodated.

Gateless Distribution System

Distribution system to feed multiple applications using a gateless system which is ideal for snack food and cereal based products.

Distribution conveyor for perfectly separated products

Evenfeed distribution conveyors are an ideal solution to feed either a dry belt or a freezer infeed with a monolayer of perfectly separated products.

Flavouring Systems for Dry Ingredients

Flavour system is available in two options for dry ingredients, either loss in weight or a volumetric system. Cox & Plant project managers can advise on the perfect solution for your system. All snack foods catered for including slurry mix. Our product range includes the full system including vibratory conveyors, tumble drum and flavour addition which is fully PLC controlled.

Extruded pellets prior to frying

Extruded pellets prior to frying being conveyed on a 4mm stroke inclined at 10 degrees.

Detangling System for Salad Leaves

Watercress trials on a detangling conveyor.

Spiral Elevator Conveyor System

Spiral elevator for a concise footprint design lifting to heights of up to 8 metres. This energy efficient, low maintenance, food conveyor is used within a factory with limited space and in this footage feeding nuts to a crosshead feeder and onto a multihead weigher.

Conveyor System

Gated distribution system handling 10 tonnes per hour of frozen mixed vegetables being packaged via 4 Ishida Multihead Weighers.

Cluster Busters for Frozen Food Clusters

Block frozen prawns passed through Cox & Plant Cluster Buster to break up frozen clusters to ensure product is returned to individual instant quick frozen pieces for onward processing.

Bucket Elevator 

Mixing line set to trickle feed bucket elevators, pizza topping conveyors

Metering Conveyor Used for Bean Processing

Metering conveyor handling dry beans / pulses / coffee beans at an average speed of 20 metres per minute.

Air actuator for frozen vegetables

Vibratory conveyor transporting frozen cauliflower in a food production factory.

Frozen Chips Using an Incline Conveyor

Incline conveyors move your products up or down to the required level.