Video Gallery for Cluster Busters and Block Breakers

Strawberry Frozen Block Breaker

Using our unique Block Breaker technology we can break up frozen food blocks with ease.

Cluster Buster – Processing frozen blocks and clusters to IQF (individually quick-frozen) produce

Middle East Cluster Buster for 14 different frozen vegetables to return them from frozen blocks and clusters to IQF (individually quick-frozen) produce

Separating Frozen Chicken Blocks 

This multi-purpose, fully adjustable impact equipment is a high powered cluster buster for separating frozen chicken blocks of comprising of breasts, thighs, wings, and legs. This was completed during testing stages before it went to the clients location

Confectionary and Gummy Candy Block Breaker

Our Cluster Buster can also be used for confectionery and other produce to break up compacted blocks into individual pieces, ready for the next processing stage.

Cluster Buster for Compacted or Frozen Blocks

Our Cluster Buster has been specifically designed to break up blocks of frozen pieces by passing them through 2 units.

Cluster Busters for Frozen Food Clusters

Block frozen prawns passed through Cox & Plant Cluster Buster to break up frozen clusters to ensure product is returned to individual instant quick frozen pieces for onward processing.