Video Gallery for Feeding Multihead Weigher with Vibratory Feeders

Vibratory Conveyors Feeding Multihead Weigher

Typical Cox & Plant electromagnetic vibratory conveyors feeding multiple Ishida Multihead Weighers.

7 component repacking lines for 4 & 3 mix feeds to Multihead weigher

Repack lines allow full flexibility from processing lines, you the client pack your product on demand on a JIT [just in time] production schedule. Each line can be customised to suit your factories needs by adding Quality control inspection tables, glazing, metering, bunker / hopper / bulk storage.

Vegetarian Food Processing – Daisy Chain Evenfeed Conveyors

This system uses a daisy chain design so our vibratory evenfeed conveyors can transport products the length of the factory with ease. Our SMART distribution systems and vibratory feeder conveyor ensure an accurate feed into the multihead weighers.

Moving Salad on Vibratory Conveyors

We can move most products on our vibratory conveyors, here we have lettuce leaves which are difficult to process on belt conveyors

Conveying Chicken Pieces

See how we can convey bulky chicken pieces using our unique vibratory conveyor system and how our synchronisation system can accurately feed multihead weighers.

Frozen Seafood Processing

We can supply full turnkey solutions for your food production line. Here we see frozen prawns going through multiple processing stages which includes laning conveyors, metering conveyors, crosshead feeders, incline conveyors, glazing conveyors and high-speed lifters

Vegetarian Food Processing – Turnkey Projects

We can provide you with a full turnkey project or work with your preferred partners to supply you with a revolutionary production line. In this example, you can see the product from the freezer outfeed and buffer storage, through to gated distribution conveyors and feeding multihead weighers.

Multihead Weigher fed by Vibratory Conveyor

Multihead weigher installed in a factory being fed by cox and plant vibratory conveyors, fully wash down friendly. Conveying frozen mixed veg.