Video Gallery for Vibratory Conveyors for Grading and Sizing Food

Peanut Grading

Using our graders we can sort your snack food and nuts by size. The graders can be built to meet your exact needs and by using decks, we can grade multiple different sizes on the same conveyor.

Grading Mushrooms 

Using our grading conveyors we can grade different sized mushrooms. We can set the aperture size to your exact requirements and we can grade up to 3 different sizes on one conveyor through the use of decks

Grading Conveyor

In this video we show you how grading conveyors work. They will remove any unsatisfactory products from fines and slithers through to larger produce as the apertures can be customised to meet your requirements. They can also be built on a triple deck inline conveyor to minimise any production line disruption

Glazing, Grading, Laning Conveyors

Frozen raspberries are evenly distributed before being graded, fine removal of loose particles, removal of snow and ice, then the raspberries are glazed with a 5% water addition before finally being laned prior to weighment to the punnet feeding system.