World Class Hygiene

Let’s start with bug free designs:

  • wherever possible we eliminate a ‘home for the bugs’.
  • we ‘design out’ edges, crevices and shelves: quite simply, if we cannot get a welding torch into a space – we won’t manufacture that design.

We work with metallurgists:

  • developing new handling techniques.
  • testing cleaning solutions to ensure there is no degradation even if concentrated chemicals are used in error occasionally.

We work with you:

  • to understand every aspect of your business so that our solution is the very best for you.

What Makes our Systems so Hygienic?


Standard conveyor systems use a combination of rollers and belts to move produce from one place to another. These systems are difficult to clean, which means that the belts can soon become breeding grounds for all sorts of bacteria.

We don’t use rollers and belts. We use an efficient combination of vibratory equipment and gravity. We use hygienic stainless steel. This means that our systems are considerably easier to clean, which means that there’s nowhere for bacteria to hide and thrive.


Metered control to optimise efficiency.


We can make our customised storage solutions.


World class processing solutions made easy.


Whatever the direction of travel we have got it covered.